Tradition and Revolution in the Oscars


By Maria Eduarda Ribeiro Ferreira

Academy Awards are the most prestigious awards for the best films, short films, and

There have been standards for the academy awards for the past few years, like the number of
men nominated over women and more productions from the USA over other countries. While
the academy is making changes, some of those changes can be positive, while others can be
detrimental. If the Oscars do not adjust to the changing trends in our generation, they will lose
their audience.

There is no doubt that the Oscars are paving the way for a revolution, such as when talking
about foreign-made movies. The movie Parasite made history at the Oscars by winning Best
Picture in 2020 and becoming the first non-English language film to do so, in addition to winning
three other categories. Furthermore, that year’s movie nominations were very poor, mostly
based on movies that were released in 2021, but we should also keep in mind that the
pandemic had a negative effect on all movies released in 2020.

The producers from other countries are now beginning to make appearances at the
nominations, which is something that needs to be addressed. There are big names among Latin
producers like Guilherme Del Toro, who won Best Picture and Best Director at the Oscars seven
times in the last year. The same can be said for other names that made history, like Jorge
Drexler who won Best original song, the first Spanish song to win this award. Likewise, Salma
Hayek made history by being the first Mexican actress to win Best Actress.

The fact that only six of the major Oscar nominations as best picture, best actress, and best
actor have been awarded to Black people in the history of the Oscars has also been heavily
debated, including the fact that the statue for best director has never been given to a Black
person. Having won the Oscar for best actor for the first time, Sidney Poitier paved the way for a
generation of Black artists to have their work recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences. Since Poitier, only four Black artists have won the award for best actor or actress,
the last being 15 years ago. This is why we hear so many complaints about the Oscars not
being diverse. There was some surprise in this year’s Oscar nominations for Best Actor and
Best Supporting Actress. The nominations in both categories featured four Black people.

There are also many Asian producers and this year one Asian director was nominated.
Furthermore last year we had the director Chloe Zhao being the first woman to be nominated in
four categories, she was the first woman who was not white and not American. “She did a great
job in Nomadland, which earned her a well-deserved and undisputed award. The statuette also
helped her to earn space to direct the latest Marvel Studios movie “Eternals.” This shows the
ability of the Oscars to cast filmmakers into leading roles. “And I believe that women and ethnic
minorities are gaining their space, also part of a natural process of evolution,” said Gabriel
Castellan.” said Gabriel Castellan, a student at FAAP’s Film School in Brazil. “This recognition of
artistry is in the hands of the voters and we can continue to hope that women and minorities are equally represented within the nominees,” said Katina Muller, Drama teacher at Heritage
Christian School.

I believe that the 2022 nominations were weak. The Oscars are becoming more inclusive of
women, minorities, and producers from other nations. However, this transition is being done in
baby steps. One year we have a greater Black community and the next year we have more
producers from other countries. We are fortunate to have talented actors and actresses from
other countries, as well as amazing Black producers and actors. All of Katina’s and Gabriel’s
points were well taken. We believe it is critical for the Academy to start being more open to
these communities because it will allow them to be seen with different eyes, and we can give
them a chance based on their work, rather than their looks.

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