In Style and Out of Style are In Style

By Devin Curtis

Even your worst outfit can be your best. Coming out of the pandemic in a fashion retrograde with some styles such as Y2K, cargo pants, and baggy clothes. These fashions all sprung up as society sprung out coming back into motion with these styles set the tone of the year. These are the styles for the next years to come. With the new looks coming from the gen z it’s a lasting impact on social media and high schoolers as we see today. 

Being stylish at school is not on many people’s concerns right now. When you ask a kid to talk about a cool attire they’re wearing, they’re surprised. Most high school students come to school wearing basic school attire or sweat not really trying to stand out. But when students are going out is really when you see this generation’s creativity. Coming with trends that swept the internet by surprise, having cargo pants, baggy jeans, and a pair of j’s being the basic attire. Ms. Simmon the Yearbook teacher that has lived in the fashion capital France has thoughts on older generations’ influence saying “I think all fashion cycles through and now we’re in the 90’s era pt2.” Having these outfits having their own category on social media platforms has taken the world in a grasp.

With TikTok running high during quarantine. In 2020, .The tug agency stated the platform had the highest amount of app downloads, with over 315 million worldwide. This high growth brought more viewers to not just fashion but all categories of the world we know. Leading people to add even the wildest accessories to their outfits becoming a way to express themselves. As well as Instagram influencers, their pages are swarmed by “hype beast” and fashion lurkers. Adding their platform to start the newest movement. Also, they use poses to match their style integrating human physics and clothing. 

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