Anime Over Cartoons Any Day!


Japanese anime is better than mainstream cable cartoons… Here’s why.
Did you ever have some free time around the house while quarantining during the
pandemic? Why don’t you venture out and watch some anime instead of spending your
down time watching subpar cartoons aired on television.

Over the Covid-19 pandemic people were forced to stay inside their houses and
bored out of their minds to stay safe from the virus. The populous needed to find some
way to entertain themselves. Some ventured out to get in shape, work out, learn to cook
and other productive things. But what about during your down time? People need
something to do that does not require too much brain power. This is where the lame old
television cartoon rerun gets kicked to the curb for the Japanese anime uproar.

Bloomberg says, “Interest in anime programs gauged from audiences’ behavior
online was up 33% in the first quarter from just a year ago in the U.S., according to a
report by Los Angeles-based Parrot Analytics, a startup that measures audience demand
for television content shown on the internet, and market research company Global
Connects.” I have actually referred someone from Sierra Canyon to watch anime and
here are some of their thoughts on it, especially being a newcomer to the art. “I started
watching over the pandemic because I asked you of any shows to watch and you

Naruto on Netflix, because in the beginning of the quarantine I literally was
bored out of my mind.” Her first thoughts on anime were about the same as most people.
“I honestly didn’t like it in the beginning because most anime start off slow or with a
flashback so it didn’t really reel me in. but once I got through the first hour episodes.”

Nobody really likes flashbacks and especially when there is no context behind the scene,
resulting in people shying away from the show style. She powered through and finished
Naruto, minus the fillers, but she felt she could watch other shows, but, “in my case, my
friends are more of a mainstream type of people so I would definitely try to introduce
them, but knowing them they will most likely choose cartoons like SpongeBob, because
they won’t watch the first five episodes of backstory and slow start ups”

Even though she isn’t the most enthusiastic fan of anime, the watch rate has
definitely hit an all time high because of the world’s circumstances. The most enticing
aspect of Japanese anime is there is a genre within a genre. What I mean by this is that
there is a wide variety of drama, action, adventure, romance, and even comedy being
brought to life with Japanese animation. The most impressive type of animation is when
the animation gives off a 3D effect making the character and realm look semi realistic.
Some notable shows that use this style called rotoscoping, are Attack on Titan, Neon
Genesis, and Cowboy Bebop.

Some recommendations for new viewers of anime are Naruto, Hunter X Hunter,
or My Hero Academia. These are mainstream anime and two of them are must see
classics to help reel in any non-believers that the Japanese animation world is better than
television cartoons.

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