BYE BYE BIRDIE opens March 23rd.

BYE BYE BIRDIE premieres in a matter of days at Heritage Christian School (South Campus). After a long recess from full-length productions on the Heritage main stage, the HCS Music and Drama departments will be presenting the much-anticipated musical. “BIRDIE” is the story of a rock singer who travels to a small Ohio town to make his “farewell” television performance. The show opens Wednesday, March 23rd and runs until Saturday night, March 26th at the South Campus gym. Details are posted on Instagram and the school website. The team is ecstatic and there is already a buzz about the amazing music, dance, and scene work.

Though it has been several years, the cast has purposed to prepare themselves for this opportunity with individual regiments. “I do vocal warmups, go over scenes I need to practice, pray before the show, and try to get comfortable so I’m not nervous onstage”, Sadie Dowd states. Other cast members, such as Leonie Pamilton, have taken the week to rest their voice during classes to insure a good run. And Sophia German prepares her breathing and takes time to pray to feel good about her performance.

There are also corporate regiments the cast does together for the same purpose. Actress Joey Miller explains how the cast will do push-ups, set-ups, and work-out together to prepare themselves. Kate Dilan shared how the team does group prayer together as well.

“BIRDIE” also includes athletes on campus who have landed key roles in the show. When asked about life in sports in conjunction with his role in the show, Gianni Dominguez said “I love them both (football and live theatre). I love the growth and challenges that these two commitments have presented to me.” HCS athlete Brendan Cho added that “Being an athlete while also being a lead on the play has been lots of fun.” He went on to state “It is worth all the effort and work put in.”

This impressive team has waited-out the Covid storm, prepared a good work, and will see you next week for a show that promises to entertain, and encourage. See you there!

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