‘Tis the Season

Heritage Christian, a school known for its academics as well as our exemplary sports teams, is making waves this year! One of these sports teams being our boys’ basketball team. With a current record of 8-1, the boys are looking forward to a great season. This doesn’t happen by accident, they have a plan to get better and accomplish what they set out to do. Since some of them have been playing together for a while, they already know what works for them and have a bond that will only get stronger throughout the season. This past week went very well for our boys basketball team, they defeated both Flintridge Prep 68-29 on Wednesday and beat Crescenta Valley 68-49 on Thursday. 

Planning to excel and succeed is always easier said than done when you don’t have a plan of  action. This however, is not the case for our boys’ basketball team, their plan of action is to always be improving. After talking to varsity player Devin Curtis, he had stated, “we’re a solid team making constant improvements on the defensive side while finding out who we really are on offense”. Furthering the team dynamic, knowing what they need to work on will only make them stronger and excel during both games and practice. They, as a unit, know what they want.

The team as a whole has a goal this year and it is to win CIF and State Championship. This is a high goal, but working together and pushing each other hard, they all believe that they can hit it. They have the mindset of “personal accomplishments will come flowing in” when working together as a team. Their heads are in the game and are ready to put in the work to improve and better themselves and the team. They’re mentally prepared and have steps and goals set to get to where they want to be. Nonetheless, this year will be a phenomenal season for our boys basketball team and we wish them the best of luck.

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