Tips and Trips to Ace Finals

Most people panic when hearing the term “final.”  I will give you a simple plan in order to ace your finals or at least put yourself in a position to succeed.

The first step to acing finals is to go in with a game plan.  You should look up all your grades for all your classes and once you do that, go ask your teacher to put in all the work you have turned in up to date.  You do this to have the most accurate grade going into finals.  Next, you study your lowest class grade to help reinforce your memory, not the lessons.  The main thing while doing this is to never procrastinate, you must stay on a strict regime to achieve the best results.  

Secondly, use tips to help drill vocabulary and character matching in your head.  Ways to do this are create flashcards or even make a Quizlet and rep them out.  Another strategy is to get a sibling or someone you live with to ask you a question from your study guide.  For any essay prompts the best way is to already have done the preparation while reading your material.  For example, taking notes and annotating your books.  

Lastly, do not be afraid to ask questions in class.  The only way to figure things out you don’t understand is to ask the teacher.  Doing good on your finals should be accomplishable if you understand the task you are trying to accomplish.

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