An upcoming event for Heritage Christian is our Christmas sparkle! It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year and here’s how this event will take place. Free dress options are to be determined, and the Sparkle will take place from November 29th through December 3rd. There will be activities on friday at 7pm  and all week will be filled with exciting free dress options each day of the week!

   Starting with Monday, the optional dress code for students is Christmas pajama day. On Tuesday, the dress option is Christmas tv or movie based clothing. Wednesday will be Hawaiian Christmas dress day where students can be the most creative in what they’re wearing. Thursday’s dress which is always everyone’s favorite, ugly sweater day. Friday’s dress is Christmas ornament day. Friday we have a half day which means school is out at 12:15, and the main event is the Christmas sparkle! 

The Christmas Sparkle will be at Heritage @ 7pm. Since it’s a half day students will have more than enough time to get dressed up and be ready Friday night. Students will be able to get together and have a great time before finals week. This year’s Sparkle will be filled with joy, happiness, and an amazing time for all who participate. Hope to see you all there!

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