Morals or Money?

If you had the choice to choose between morals or money, which would you choose? Squid Game is a show that constantly pushes watchers to think about what they would do if they were in the same situation as the characters. Would you do something outrageous for the money? Or would you risk being in a bad position because your morals won’t allow you to harm somebody? While it is easy to assume we know what we would do, Squid Games puts you in a position to analyze your potential response.

Squid Games is a very popular show, and it’s about people who are in tremendous debt and are living a really tough life. They go to an island and are given a chance to win money to pay off the debt. This would change the way they live forever. It’s simple really, all you have to do is play children’s games. Sounds easy, right? Not so fast. The characters get to an island and are all wearing jumpsuit with a number on them and are in a room full of beds. The guards come out and announce that they are about to play their first game. The first game was red light green light, if you move you’re eliminated. Once again, simple enough, right? They begin the game as they would begin any children’s game, curious and amused, but not really serious. It’s when the voice says red light, someone moved, and he was shot instantly. This causes a panic and everyone starts running to the door. Instead of escaping as they hoped, guns start going off killing everyone who was moving. A lot of people died in that game, but the main characters Seong Gi, Sang Woo, Kang Sae, and Abdul Ali all found a way to make it past the game. With the levity of the situation weighing on them, they voted to go back home.

After going back home, it gave them time to truly realize how hard and difficult their life is. Some of the players from the last battle decided to go back to the games. Understanding what’s at stake means that they put money over their morals which put them in the situation to be killed and they were willing to be dead all for money. This show was also making the audience think about if they were in this situation what they would do. Personally, I wouldn’t go but some people feel like the money would be worth it, and that’s why they went. Morals and money really clashed together when they discovered that they are able to kill each other and not be penalized for it. This started a brawl and led to a lot of players being killed, and really brought out the worst in the people. True colors are truly shown as no person with high moral values would kill to try to get money. I know I most definitely would not participate in that. The main characters had made through all of the fights and the games and it all led to 3 players.

The players that were left were Sang Woo, Seong Gi, and Kang sae. Seong Gi and Kang Sae had become really close, but Sang Woo was on a killing streak and was killing people left and right. The three had a nice dinner and got to dress up but what Seong Gi didn’t know was that Kang Sae was injured, and was bleeding out. Sang Woo decided to sneak over and kill her to try to make the game easier for him. Seong Gi who was angry came into the last game ready to do whatever it took to win the game. They began fighting and nobody could get the edge on each other, it was close for the whole episode. Sang Woo was starting to pull away in the fight but just as it was looking over for Seong Gi, he pulled a knife out from dinner and turned the tables. Seong Gi had Sang Woo on the ground defeated, but he remembered his morals and tried to walk away, Sang Woo who was ashamed at what he became caused his guilt to kill himself. At the end Seong Gi whose life was really hard and he didn’t even want to use the money he had won because he was ashamed of himself for losing sight of his morals.

I like the show and think it kept me on the edge of my seat. I rate it a 10/10 and I believe it really makes you think about your morals and what you would do if you had the chance to make a lot of money but lose your morality in the process of it. So this begs the question – money or morals, where do you land?

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