Coach Rossy’s impact on defense/season

Offense wins games, defense wins championships. Coach Rossy definitely believes this is true. His approach to coaching heavily impacts the defense which helps a team as a whole. He spends most of his time trying to relate to the players one on one so that he can get their best performance. He values having a good attitude, being present and attentive at practice, and having good behavior and conduct.

This season presents new challenges for the coaches because of the amount of young players on the team. “We have young players who are still trying to learn the game. Which makes it much more complicated,” Coach Rossy said, “But I think we will be okay when the league starts.” I soon asked Coach Rossy what skills possessed him to help the team and be a good coach. He replied, “Patience, I understand the game of football, and I spend some time relating to the players one on one.”

Coach Rossy seemed very excited about this season and looking forward to helping and pushing his guys to have success.  He said, “every practice depends on what the head coach Brent Huff wants to do, but he always starts practice with his guys on defense.”He also mentioned that he always makes sure that he pushes his guys in the weight room to get stronger.

Teams often struggle, but Coach Rossy is the guy to handle his athletes very well and correct them. He mentioned to me “It always depends on what the team is struggling with. It can be if the center is having a bad snap or if the team is not physical enough, so it just depends on what they are struggling with and how you are gonna approach it”, when his team is struggling. He believes that preparation is key and also trying to understand who the player is and their capability.

Coach Rossy has had 20 years of experience coaching. He worked his way up from little league with kids 5,  all the way up to high school football and also has coached basketball. I asked him what his favorite memory as a coach was, and he responded, “It was watching a six year old and I was trying to get him to do a drill. He just sat there and said, “Coach, look at the grass, it’s so green,” and I was like, oh my gosh. But it reminded me that they’re babies, that they are young, and that you have to approach them in a way according to their age, so I will never forget that.” That response describes the type of guy Coach Rossy is, very understanding, helpful, and a very inspirational person.

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