Trainer Dave

Mr. Gloria, also known as “Trainer Dave,” is a well-known man on the Heritage campus. Trainer Dave is reputably known as one of the most cherished staff members around and a friend to all. From cheer to football, to basketball and to soccer, Dave treats every type of injury. Along with being an athletic trainer, this year he has stepped into the classroom as a teacher of a sports medicine class. As if that wasn’t enough, he also aides assistant athletic trainers who are seeking to be involved in the medicine field. 

The sports medicine class is taught for students in 11th and 12th grade who are given the opportunity to study medicine if they enroll in the class, and goes over the basics of athletic training, as well as bits and pieces of anatomy. Sports medicine is a great class if you are trying to pursue a career as an athletic trainer, physical therapist, nurse, physician, and more. Justin Horrell, a student in Mr. Gloria’s sports medicine class, says, “Sports Medicine is very interesting. It really breaks down the study of us humans, the process of our bodies, and what we need to do to take care of it.” Justin continues to talk about the influence of Trainer Dave by saying, “Dave as a teacher makes it very interesting and fun learning about sports medicine because he engages in real life stories. He is a really great person and a really great friend.”

On top of being an outstanding athletic trainer and friend to everyone he meets, Dave is also the father of three step children, or “bonus kids” as he says, along with a biological daughter who is only three months old. Before becoming an athletic trainer, Dave was previously occupied as a personal fitness trainer, an EMT, a firefighter, and a veterinarian technician. Trainer Dave has also been a volunteer youth and associate pastor for over twelve years. He says, “Truly, the Lord led me to Heritage because I had never heard of HCS before I started working here.” He recalls when the girl he was dating who was an LAB alumni, (now his wife), told him that there was an opening as an athletic trainer here at Heritage. A few weeks after he interviewed for the position, he was offered the job! Trainer Dave has now made Heritage his home for four years.

Mr. Gloria shared how he has treated all sorts of injuries from shin splints and sprained knees or ankles, to dislocated fingers, ankles, and shoulders, as well as some broken collar bones, wrist fractures, and concussions. He shares, “Everyday brings something new, because even though injuries and rehabs may be repetitive, each person is uniquely different and it is why I love this job so much. I get to meet and work with all sorts of students from various backgrounds, each with a different story.”

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