Interview With Class of 2020 Alumni Janelle Abajian

With the rise of Covid -19, the Class of 2020 was deprived of many senior experiences, and memories that could last a life time. Janelle Abajian, class of 2020 alumni, shares her experience through this difficult time and her outlook on her future, as she shares her memories since stepping off the HCS campus in March.

Q. Since graduating from HCS what have been the most fun experiences you’ve had finally being out of high school?

A. If I’m being honest this question made me pretty sad because I didn’t get to experience a lot of new fun things since finishing high school because I never really had a feeling of closure due to the pandemic. I wish I had more to say about my life after high school but unfortunately it’s been pretty dull.

Q. At CSUN do you feel as if you’re having the ideal college- life experience?

A.  It makes me sad to say that I have not gotten the ideal college experience so far. Having college online takes away your ability to meet new people, interact with high school friends, getting to know your campus, and actually being able to learn in the classroom setting which to me makes the biggest difference. It almost feels like I’m not even in college yet.

Q. What has the CSUN campus done to make the transition from highschool to online college learning easier? Has there been anything fun about the experience?

A. CSUN like most schools is definitely doing the best it can to make sure we have as good of an experience as we can, but like I said there’s not really much they can do to change the circumstances. My professors are doing a great job with extending grace with internet problems now that everyone’s online and they’ve been providing us with a lot of free tutoring if needed. This question reminds me to stay positive throughout all that is going on.

Q. Was there a time at the end of your senior year that you felt stressed or worried about the future of your relationships or education during a pandemic?

A. I surprisingly never really had that thought come to mind because at that point in my life I had already learned the hard way that the “friends” that desire to stay in my life will make an effort to stay. As for my education, I definitely knew that things were going to change in a crazy way, but still knew that I would find a way to get through it.

Q. As a senior, your year was sadly cut short due to Covid-19, what is one thing you wish you could have done during your last year at Heritage?

A. This is a very emotional subject that would always come to my mind when school shut down because it’s crazy and weird to think about all the celebratory events that seniors get to experience after years of hard work and how I did not get that. It was and still is very hard to think about. Even though HCS did it’s very best to make us feel celebrated it still didn’t feel the same. I had always dreamt of working hard through highschool and finally getting to walk across the stage hearing friends and family cheer for me and unfortunately that’s something I didn’t quite get.

Q. What was the most fun you’ve had while attending HCS, and why?

A. I definitely had more than just one fun memory at Heritage so a couple of my most memorable memories would be getting baptized at the north campus in 6th grade, 8th grade DC and NewYork trip, playing volleyball for all four years of highschool, all four years of spirit day, second semester junior year where I met some of my best friends, senior retreat and getting to drive to school and TAing for Mrs. Ranieri. This question filled me with so much joy.

Q. While attending Heritage what was the most life altering moment that shaped you into who you are today?

A. I would have to say that the teachers at Heritage definitely shaped me into who I am today. The amount of love they have for their students and the constant desire to have a relationship with them. I loved nothing more than going to my teachers during lunch and after school to rant about my day or ask for their advice and prayer over me. That is something that I will forever be grateful for.

Q. Are you optimistic about the rest of your freshman year of college, and the years  to come?

A. I’m not going to lie, it’s been really hard for me to stay optimistic since the rest of this semester and next semester is going to be online at CSUN but I know it’s important for me to stay positive.

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