College During COVID-19: Emma Clancy

Having the Senior year of high school cut short is already disappointing in and of itself but having the first year of college to be solely online as well is even more frustrating. In this interview with Emma Clancy from the Heritage class of 2020 she shares her opinions and takes on the effect COVID-19 had on her senior year to her first year of college.

Upon being asked what the most disappointing thing about her senior year being cut short Emma Clancy states “ There were many things but the most disappointing thing was the events that got cancelled like prom, graduations, ditch day, and grad night.”Along with these disappointments her mental health also suffered as she goes on to explain “ In the beginning of this whole Covid thing it was not good and it stayed that way since I hadn’t seen my friends or even gone out in general.” The first couple of months affected her negatively but as time went on Clancy mentioned that once she went out with her friends it improved greatly.

The major that Clancy is going into is Liberal Studies at CSUN, since she would like to become a teacher. Clancy mentions the program she is taking called ITEP (Integrated Teacher Education Program), which is a program that will grant her, her teacher credentials and bachelors degree in only four years. Online school has affected many students, some positively, while most are negative, adding to that Clancy said “ I would say it is more negative rather than positive because it is really draining sitting at the computer all day trying to get through all of my classes” She went on to explain how difficult and unorganized the website, that she uses for school is. The website often doesn’t show the homework the students  have to do causing them to turn in things late. Although most of what Clancy said was negative there was one positive aspect that she mentioned, saying “ The only positive part that I can think of is that I can wear pajamas to school everyday.”

When transitioning from highschool to college some students experience a huge change whereas others not so much. Clancy shared her thoughts on this by saying “The classes are longer than what I am accustomed to and the workload is a lot more than what it was in highschool but in general it is not very different. I feel like my highschool prepared me well.” Mentioning later that the reason it may not be too different is because it is online, Clancy added that her opinion may not be too accurate considering she hasn’t really experienced college to the fullest extent. Adding to her statement about the workload she shares her weekly schedule “ I take seven classes two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday” She feels pretty good about her classes but she is not too fond of her theater and art classes as to why she states “ My interests are not in the arts but it is required for the career path I have chosen.” Above all the other classes Clancy brings to light her favourite class, which is child development, her reasoning being “I really like the teacher and the subject is one that I find intriguing rather than the other classes.”

This year may not be too great for Emma since she mentioned that CSUN is planning to finish out the rest of the school year online. In response to the school’s decision she said “ I feel very frustrated and robbed out of my first year of college. I am not a fan of doing school online already, and now I am having to do it all year, which is going to be a pain.” To lighten the subject Clancy was asked if she was going to be joining any sports this upcoming year,  she mentioned that she was going to be trying out for the cheer team but of course with another disappointing outcome stating “ Since everything is online, we haven’t been able to do tryouts. There is really no point in having them anytime soon since there is nothing to cheer for at the moment” 

Since college is all online the benefits of meeting new people has become more challenging, leading most students to struggle with creating new friendships. Referring to this statement Clancy said that it wasn’t so much of a struggle to meet new people saying “I talk to people and I have their social media, we also have group chats together, but we mostly just talk about school related things.” Although this is a step forward she did mention that she hasn’t really made any good friends just yet.

The transition from highschool to college is a pivotal moment in a student’s life and having that being impacted by COVID-19 is a disappointment. Emma misses her cheer team and her friends at Heritage but is also excited to be continuing her first year of college.

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