Top 10 Fall Outfits

Even if we won’t be going out as much this fall due to the pandemic we can always stay fashionable.

  1. You can never go wrong with topping off your outfit with a coat, long coats are one of the most essential items of clothing for the fall.
  2. Wearing skinny jeans with a loose cropped sweatshirt.
  3. Ugg boots go with literally anything especially long sleeve dresses
  4. Streetwear fall outfits consist of hoodies layered with a flannel and mom jeans for your choice of bottoms.
  5. Having a cute pair of black booties if you want to dress your outfit up.
  6. Puffer jackets are a MUST, layering a black puffer with your neutral color hoodie works perfectly for the fall.
  7. Beanies and trucker hats can go with anything, a long coat with a hat and mom jeans with a pair of white tennis are a go to.
  8. The best colors for fall are definitely neutral colors like your basics… whites, blacks, browns, greys, etc.
  9. To dress up your outfit add some jewelry, like hoops and rings to give your outfit more of a “wow she tried” look when it actually only took 1 minute to get ready.
  10. Crewnecks are also a necessity for fall outfits to get that comfy cozy look.

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