How to Stay Fit During COVID

With the freetime that COVID-19 has brought, it is the perfect time to work toward your fitness goals.

This pandemic has completely changed fitness. With sports teams having certain restrictions and gyms being closed, everybody has been worried about how they are going to stay in shape. Here are 7 tips to stay fit and live a healthier lifestyle in general. 

  1. Try to do something active at least once a day. For example you could walk around your neighborhood everyday.
  2. With gyms closed, right now is the best time to look up fitness videos on youtube or even download an app to help you stay on a schedule.
  3. Lower your sugar and carb intake and eat more protein. The keto diet is a great start to eat healthier.
  4. Eat fruits and vegetables daily to replace snacks as a healthy substitute. 
  5. Try not to eat a snack just because you’re bored. Instead of snacking, try doing something else to entertain yourself.
  6. Try intermittent fasting so that you can designate a time in the morning and night to start and stop eating. Eating right before bed increases bloating.
  7. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Do your best, but occasional cheating is okay and it is healthy to reward yourself for your hard work.

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