The NBA Finals have never looked so different

The NBA has been heavily impacted by COVID-19 and this season is looking different than any other season’s history.

The Laker's LeBron James defends as Jimmy Butler, Miami Heat, has the ball. photo credit:

The NBA season is now coming to a close and things are looking a little different than previous games. With the influence of the coronavirus, players are tested daily and have to perform with no audience. 

Throughout the week the Lakers won against the Miami Heat 102-96, in game 4. Lebron James led the Lakers with 28 PTS and close behind, scoring 22 PTS, was Anthony Davis. With the Lakers still leading 3-1, Fridays game 5 could be the last, with the Lakers taking home their 18th NBA championship.

Game 4 was close game for the Miami Heat having Jimmy Butler leading the team with 22 PTS, 10 REB, and 9, AST. Although a close game, the Miami Heat couldn’t pull through and lost the game.

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