Global Warming and Its Effects on California Students

Throughout the world and especially in California, global warming takes a huge toll on students. Whether it affects their physical health, or their mental learning, and is a very serious matter. Global warming has been brought to many journalist’s and teacher’s attention and they say the heat is very harmful for students in the classroom. 

Global warming has caused California to be extremely hot lately and has ultimately affected the way students learn in a classroom. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency stated, “California’s climate is changing. Southern California has warmed about three degrees (F) in the last century and all of the state is becoming warmer. Heat waves are becoming more common, snow is melting earlier in spring—and in southern California, less rain is falling as well.” Due to the major temperature rise, students have found it harder to learn in a classroom. A 2020 study shows how it is too hot to learn in a classroom, and the hotter it is, the less learning that happens. 

Another way global warming and the dangerous heat waves California has been experiencing has affected students is with their physical health. A study shows how schools with no air conditioning suffer in the classroom and every one degree the temperature rises in a school year, the amount learned the students learn in a year is decreased by 1 percent. Many schools are forced to deal with the heat because many cannot afford air conditioning in classrooms. An article in Moms Clean Air Force states, “The study noted that schools can mitigate with air conditioning, but considering how many schools struggle to maintain current buildings, school budgets and staffing already, adding air conditioners to every classroom in America that needs one is a major expense.” Due to this unfortunate situation, students living in hotter climates are at a disadvantage in learning, with global warming the situation does not seem like it can be resolved.

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