Worship Night

Heritage Christian Worship Team has yet again led a miraculous night full of surrenderance and worship. From sermons to singing to s’mores, this young group of leaders has brought together all grade levels to praise the Lord’s name on March 3rd.

Melanie Tadros, Gabi Clousing, Michael Schweitzer, Natalia Hoyos, Joseph Tan, Caleb Tolle, Celia Ippoliti, and Nick Vitello led a beautiful worship night under the songs. From slower songs like “Reckless Love” to the heartwarming songs like “I Surrender” and “Broken Vessels,” this group truly was able to submerge their audience in the presence of God yet again.

Señora Cameron led a beautiful short sermon where she helped the audience with a breathing exercise in which they exhaled their problems and let go of many issues residing in their soul and inhaled the Lord’s breath with his presence. She then continued with her main message on the issue of millennials not taking the first step of pursuing the Lord and continuing on a more selfish path. Yet she elaborates on the solid factor of Lord’s presence being always with you, yet he’s waiting for your pursuit of him first rather than forcing himself. 

Along the lines of millennials issues in many not pursuing the Lord, Natalia Hoyos gives another sermon begging for the salvation of this generation where many are, “unbelieving and perverse.” She continues on with hers and many others only wish to not be the generation who loses many of their believers. 

With many cries out to the Lord and a multitude of prayers for one another, HCS worship team has done it again and will one last time soon. Don’t miss out on the next worship night! 

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