The Scoop: Mrs. Leon

Mrs. Leon and Eleven High School Students Travel The North Campus for a Cross Campus Discovery Day

On Monday, Mrs. Leon and eleven students traveled to the north campus to help the fifth graders build roller coasters. This was to help supplement with their prior lessons on kinetic energy and potential energy.

Using tape, foam pipes, and their creative minds, the fifth graders were put into groups and assigned an area on the playground to build their roller coaster. Two to three highschoolers were paired up with elementary students to help guide them along the way. All groups added elements to their coaster such as loops, tunnels, and drops to show the difference that kinetic and potential energy can make. 

The high schoolers loved meeting students from the other campus. One student, Dean Johnson ‘20 stated, “I had a great time meeting and connecting with the fifth graders. It was fun to see their minds at work as they were able to solve problems and create some pretty cool roller coasters.” Dean along with other high school students look forward to their next lesson at the north campus when they’ll be teaching the 4th graders about catapults.

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