The Scoop: Señora Cameron

Señora Cameron is a wonderful teacher. She connects the lines between English and Spanish very well through methods such as songs, bible verses, and speaking quizzes. As the students have already had a strong foundation built by the Spanish 1 teacher, Señora Lezbowicz, they are well equipped for everything Spanish 2 requires. As any language can be difficult to learn, Señora Cameron not only makes learning Spanish simple but more fun. She is very passionate about her students and frequently prays for them and takes time to talk about their spiritual walk. She incorporates her love for Jesus as her students pray and study bible verses in Spanish.

Paige Kowal, a current student in her 6th period class says, “I love Spanish! The projects that we do help me understand the vocabulary, and make learning fun. Me and my friend Adam just made a cooking video that needed to include our vocabulary terms. It was so enjoyable to make, and I understand it more now. Even though the speaking tests are a little nerve racking, they help me learn how to correct my pronunciation.”

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